Female Celebrities with the Sexiest Abs

Female Celebrities with the Sexiest Abs

We all love to gush over the flat stomachs of celebrities. And sure they spend hours at the gym with the top trainers in the country and on a strict diet of course. We have even seen some of the most famous actresses gain 50 pounds for movie roles and then quickly drop the weight getting into tiptop shape once again. So who has really made a name for themselves with their impressive abs?

1. Janet Jackson




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Photo by Andy Liang

Do you remember Janet Jackson at her peak in the "All For You" video?  She literally was one of the few celebrities that can be remembered for her clean-cut 6-pack of abs.  Sure, males get 6-packs all of the time, but the female body is simply developed differently.  As a result, not many women are able to achieve the definition.  Once Janet accomplished it though, she was not afraid to show it.  In her video she strutted around in a barely there jacket and women across the country wondered how they could achieve such abs and how she possibly did it herself.  

2. Jessica Simpson


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Photo by David J. Ahlschwede

Sure, she recently had a baby and is working on getting herself back into shape, but remember when she had to get into the best shape of her life?  This was for her "Dukes of Hazard" movie.  Her workout was extreme, but it paid off for her wardrobe that consisted of short shorts and a midriff baring ensemble.  

3. Renee Zellweger

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Photo by Siebbi

Tiny by nature this celebrity knows how to gain and lose pounds fast.  For her movie "The Diary of Bridget Jones" she had to add on pounds and fast.  Renee was quoted saying that she enjoyed gaining the weight more than losing it since she was allowed to eat all the pizza and ice cream she wanted, but when it came time to lose the pounds, she did it and fast.  

If you are trying to get that flat stomach this summer, do not get frustrated because it is totally possible and you do not have to be a celebrity to do it.  Beachbody programs such as Hip Hop Abs and P90X are available to help you lose weight and get toned fast so you can rock your new swimsuit with confidence.  

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